Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsy Folks

If you’re a last-minute shopper – and it appears there are quite a few of us – then here are a few ideas that I’m considering of adding to my guy’s Christmas stocking. Disclaimer: everyone knows Santa does the stockings for kids, but in our house jolly old Saint Nick has turned the task of filling adult socks over to other adults!

First off, think I’ll put in a pair of tickets to spend an evening with the irreverent and witty Timmy O’Neill. Dubbed “one of America’s most outrageous climbers”, O’Neill has racked up speed climbing records from Yosemite to Patagonia, in addition to being a Class 5 kayaker and more. Timmy’s in Calgary, Alberta in February. Check out the superjock’s presentation schedule for an exhilarating and entertaining evening in or near your hometown.

My guy’s back tomorrow from a five-day backcountry ski trip to Blanket Creek Glacier (near Revelstoke, B.C.) – so no worries he’ll read this list before the big day. He will, however, be revved up and ready to ski the rest of the season away. I’m positive a ski scraper will be a welcome addition to his holiday sock.

Hand-warmers. After years of working and playing in the outdoors, my guy has a couple of fingers that always go white in the cold. Of course it doesn’t stop him from skiing and ice-climbing and… Harm-warmers, definitely.

Lightweight gloves. They kind of go hand-in-hand with the warmers. His heavy gloves seem to be indestructible, but the lightweight pairs sprout holes faster than I can mend them.

We were away for five weeks this fall and missed Banff’s Film Festival, but no worries – the “best of” is coming to town in January.  A pair of tickets to the Best of Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour to top up that sock. P.S. If you noticed the plural of the first and last stocking stuffers, it’s not an error. I mean, it’s no fun going to films and presentations on your own.

Ho, ho, ho – gonna be a Merry Christmas morning!

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