Trail Etiquette

Have a great ski.
Enjoy your day.

Simple words; simply polite. Even a smile or a nod goes a long way. It’s amazing how many people we pass on ski trails can’t be bothered with the pleasantries of trail etiquette; let alone be willing to move from two or three abreast to single file when passing other skiers.

Travel on the right; pass on the left!

What is Trail Etiquette?

Basically, it’s the polite use of trails. It includes conduct with other users, observation of posted rules, and “Leave No Trace” principles.  Trail etiquette is common courtesy and it makes the outdoor experience enjoyable.  And it’s really simple to do:

  • Travel on the right, pass on the left. This way no one gets hurt!
  • Travel single file when meeting others on the trail.
  • Yield to uphill travelers – they’re sweating a whole lot more than you are.
  • Pack it in, pack it out – garbage shouldn’t grow in the backcountry.
  • Use a cathole for solid human waste and burn (carefully and when allowed) or pack out toilet paper. Festooning trees with t.p. is not cool.
  • Never use the sharp end of your ski poles to point at map signs, because if I catch you I may have to find another place to point that stick!  Seriously, unreadable map signs are useless.
  • Please don’t feed wildlife – and that means those gray jays too. Habituated wildlife quickly lose their cute factor when they start demanding snacks.

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