SPOT to the Rescue

See Dick and Jane on a winter walk. See the storm approach. See Dick and Jane go off trail.  See Dick tumble over a cliff. See SPOT come to the rescue.

Small in size, big in security

Nothing beats good map and compass skills, knowledge, planning and common sense, but there are times when technology can aid outdoor adventures.

SPOT is a GPS satellite messenger.You can send a message asking for help. The SPOT satellite personal tracker tells selected friends and family members that you are okay, but you need assistance. Maybe you misjudged the size of that snowbank, or forgot to top up the gas tank. Whatever the problem, you can let someone know of your predicament with exact GPS coordinates to reach you.

In case of a bona fide emergency, you can press the “S.O.S” button. A call goes out to the GEOS International Emergency Response Center, giving them the message that this in an emergency along with your GPS coordinates. This information is passed on to emergency responders in your vicinity.

SPOT also lets you press a button that will send a message to selected friends and family members. The message tells them that you are okay and gives your GPS coordinates. It can also be used to track your progress on an extended trip.

SPOT works outside of regular cell phone range. It does cost around $100 to activate and get one year of service. When compared to the price of a satellite phone (the only other option for contact when outside of cell range), it’s a pretty cheap security blanket.

We’re in the process of setting ours up – I’ll let you know how it goes!

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