Outdoor Advocacy

Wild spaces and places evoke a lot of passionate discussion among outdoor enthusiasts – especially when they are threatened. But sometimes that’s as far as it goes, just a lot of talk.

Wilderness deserves more than just a passing glance. Photo: M.Kopp

I’ve been following the story of one outdoor advocate who took it took his actions one giant step further. He didn’t pour sugar in gas tanks or tie himself to a tree – he simply walked into a Bureau of Land Management office in Utah two years ago, took a paddle and as Bidder Number 70, put his price on BLM land up for auction to oil and gas companies.

No, he didn’t have the $1.7 million to pay for 150,000 acres he purchased – and yes, he was formally charged for his actions. In fact, the trial just wrapped up on March 2nd and his fate is in the jury’s hands.

In case you aren’t familiar with Tim DeChristopher’s story, take a look at this YouTube video link.

I’m not saying we all have to take the same degree of commitment as DeChristopher when it comes to standing up for wilderness. There are many ways to support wild spaces and places.

Start by checking out eco-friendly groups such as The Nature ConservancySouthern Utah Wilderness Alliance, Wilderness SocietyWinter Wildlands Alliance – to name just a few different groups – and volunteer your time and expertise, or donate to their causes.

You can also support outdoor companies who put their money where their mouths are – such as 1% for the Planet. Member companies – like Brooks-Range – pledge to donate at least 1% of their company’s proceeds to more than 2,300 outdoor environmental organizations world-wide.

Whatever you chose to do, wild space and places will reap the benefit – and so will the outdoor enthusiast in you!

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