Planning Outdoor Adventures

It’s spring – and a barrage of paddling film festivals and outdoor adventure shows has me itching to plan a trip. Now I’m not thinking of following Phil Harwood’s paddlestrokes down the Congo River, or getting offtrack in Iceland like Steve Fisher and his band of extreme kayakers, but maybe another spring river trip?

We were down in southern Arizona last fall when we ran into a couple from England who gave us the bad news. They had been paddling the Green River and had planned a water drop at Mineral Bottom – about halfway from the town of Green River, Utah to the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers.  Severe storms washed out the Mineral Bottom switchbacks and the road was closed indefinitely.

Mineral Bottom switchbacks a few months before the storm! (Photo: M.Kopp)

The good news – as I just read today in my “plan a trip somewhere” frame of mind, is that the road is expected to re-open March 29th. Definitely a possibility.

Or maybe we should put our names in the hat again for a San Juan River trip – no wait, already past the February 1st permit lottery deadline. Next year perhaps.

That’s the thing about planning outdoor adventures, they take a lot of research to make sure of things such as access for starters. There are often permits to obtain well in advance, groups to gather for the adventure, shuttles to arrange, time off work to finagle, gear to gather… the bigger the adventure, the more work and the longer it takes to organize. Skip the planning and you’re opening yourself up to trip failure.

And truth be told, my boss is harsh (that’s the price I pay for being self-employed) and she’s not gonna let me off the hook for more than a weekend before our European escapade. But maybe a backcountry lodge weekend?  Snow’s still there in spades and that sun – when it’s out – is starting to feel warm. Hmmm… gotta run and do some research!

What outdoor adventures are you planning for this spring?

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