Backcountry Food: Dehydrating Yogurt

Mentions of new and different food options for backpacking, canoeing and other outdoor adventures always make me sit up and take notice. There’s nothing like good food in the great outdoors. But dehydrating yogurt – how well does that work?

Prepping for the big experiment.

I read Philip Warner’s blog where he mentioned a new recipe e-book called “Food To Go.” What caught my attention was the reference to dehydrating yogurt. I’d never given it a thought in the past, but I love granola and yogurt for trail breakfasts. Was this the ticket?  I thought I’d run through the steps and see if the end result is worth the effort.

Tips for even drying:

  • Straighten wrinkles out of the plastic before adding the yogurt (I experimented with one single serving size container).
  • Smooth out yogurt to consistent thickness.
  • Rotate trays ¼ turn every hour or so (total drying time 4-5 hours).
Yogurt leather.


  • Tear yogurt leather into small pieces and place in a bowl.
  • Add ¼  – 1/3 c. water (for each single serving size container of yogurt that has been dehydrated) and let sit for at least one hour.

The consensus?

It works!

A winner! Dehydrates easily. Rehydrates well (just a little lumpy, might try grinding next time to make pieces smaller before rehydrating) without losing any flavour.

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