Boat in a Backpack

There are times when trails are made of water, not earth, and your best choice of transport is a boat not two feet. For those times, someone clever came up with a folding kayak.

From a pack to on the water, in mere minutes. (Photo: B.Kopp)

My Klepper is one of many folding boats that exist on the market today. This wooden-framed boat covered in heavy canvas with a rubberized bottom is a testament to the ingenuity of its inventors.

We bought it to allow us to fly into remote locations. We can then carry the boat to a river that we want to paddle with access to hikes that are definitely off the beaten path.

How it works:

  1. The entire kayak fits in a tall backpack (complete with shoulder straps and hip belt).

    It all fits in one big backpack. (Photo: M.Kopp)
  2. When you reach your destination, you simply pull the wooden pieces and skin out of the backpack and start assembling.
Puzzle pieces easy to fit together. (Photo: M.Kopp)
Set to go! (Photo: M.Kopp)

We have taken this kayak on the ocean and in rivers with up to Class II rapids. It is stable and easy to maneuver – with or without the rudder. Without a boat like this, we would never have able to hike Ogre Canyon or explore the Badlands in areas where few people get the opportunity to travel.

Have you ever paddled for a hike?

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