Backpacking Camp Shoes

At the end of a long day on the trail, there is nothing better than shucking the heavy boots and rewarding your tender tootsies with the comfort of a camp shoe.

Camp life is sweet - with the right footwear! (Photo: M.Kopp)

Hiking boots are important for providing support when carrying a heavy backpack, but they’re not necessary at the end of the day.

Sandals, or any type of lightweight and airy footwear, are a welcome reprieve. Ones that are waterproof (or dry quickly) are a good idea.

I’ve seen backpackers using lightweight runners, flip flops, and mock crocs for after-hike footwear. Personally I’m a big fan of sandals than can be adjusted for comfort and won’t kick off while out for an evening stroll to find the ideal sunset viewpoint.

Flip flops, molded foam shoes, sandals – pick the ones that work for you and add them to your backpacking checklist before the next trip. You’re feet will thank you for it!

Benefits of camp shoes:

  1. Comfort
  2. Allow sweaty boots to air in evening sunlight
  3. Less tread than a Vibram hiking boot sole is easier on fragile environments (e.g. mossy creek banks, alpine terrain)
  4. Can be used for rocky creek crossings

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