Backpacking Dinner Ideas

We’re prepping for the next little summer adventure – a four-day backpacking trip. From shoes to shelter to stove, we’ll follow the packing checklist. Unfortunately for me, I’m in charge of the menu and it never seems to follow a set list.

Food that's light, tasty and filling is an important part of any outdoor adventure. (Photo: M.Kopp)

The ease of pre-packaged, dehydrated meals holds some appeal, but I’m opting to try a couple of new recipes instead.

The first is chicken and dumplings – think foil pouch chicken, chicken bouillon cubes, water and flour/baking powder balls jazzed up with dried vegetable and onion flakes. We’ll follow it with a few pieces of white chocolate, hazelnut and craisin biscotti (pre-made) to dunk in hot chocolate for dessert.

Pasta with bacon, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes is the second dinner idea. Whole wheat spaghetti, shelf-stable bacon, dried mushrooms, basil and parsley, and Parmesan cheese – yum. I think we’ll add chocolate fondue with dried fruit for dessert.

The third meal will be our standby red curry vegetables in coconut milk. And because we’re already packing the makings for dumpling on night one, we’ll round out the trip with blueberry cobbler (dumplings on stewed dried blueberries).

What do you think, will this dinner menu meet the mark, or do you have alternative suggestions?

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