Menu Planning for Outdoor Trips

Backpacking or canoe tripping or car camping, meal planning is easier with a template to follow.  Whether one night out or six or more, nothing is left to chance.

Step One: Create a template

Sample meal planning template

Step Two: Print off copy

Step Three: Mark in days on trip and meals not needed to be packed (such as breakfast at home and lunch on drive to trailhead…).

Step Four: Start filling in the blanks with breakfasts, lunches, suppers, snacks and staples (such as powdered milk, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, juice crystals, olive oil, salt & pepper…).

Step Five: At bottom of meal planner sheet, make list of groceries to buy and items to pack from home.

Step Six: Set out all ingredients (from store and home) and repackage in re-sealable bags for amounts needed for meals.

Menu planning helps you go from this...

Step Seven: Check off meals as packed.

... to meals ready for the backcountry.

Now head out and savor the fruits of your labours!

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