Alpine Wildflowers

The hills are alive – with the sight of wildflowers. A late start to summer means that alpine wildflowers are blooming their little… uh… hearts out. If you haven’t hiked to the alpine in the past week or so – what are you waiting for? These beauties won’t be around in another month.

Alpine wildflowers rock! (Photo: Megan Kopp)

A few common alpine wildlflowers by color:

Yellow – alpine cinquefoil, buttercup, alpine goldenrod, yellow paintbrush

White – anemone, starwort, mountain aven, saxifrage, Smelkowskia (a member of the mustard family), woolly fleabane, white mountain-heather

Red & Pink – moss campion, roseroot, pink mountain-heather

Blue & Purple –showy Jacob’s-ladder, forget-me-not, bladder locoweed, scorpionweed

Who knew?

  • Most alpine flowers bloom between late June and mid-August.
  • Showy Jacob’s-ladder has two other common names – Sky Pilot (nice) and Skunkweed (not so nice, but given because the sticky leaves have a skunk-like odor that often sticks to the shoes and pantlegs of alpinists).
  • Tiny white and pink mountain-heather are officially shrubs not wildflowers, due to their “woody” nature.
Showy Jacob's-ladder, a.k.a. Sky Pilot or Skunkweed. (Photo: Megan Kopp)

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