Social Media Another SAR Tool

“We need your help with RT. Please see our Facebook page for important information (dr)” – tweeted by Glacier National Park (@glaciernps) this a.m. The message: an overdue staff member.

Social media can help SAR missions in remote terrain. (Photo: Megan Kopp)

The Facebook entry goes on to say: “We need your help. Glacier National Park seasonal employee Jacob “Jake” Rigby is overdue from a hike he began on 8/28/11 in the park near the Fielding Trailhead. It is believed he was hiking an extreme mountain traverse involving Soldier Mtn, Sheep Mtn, Brave Dog Mtn, Mt Despair, and Eagle Ribs Mountain. Jake is 27 years old, 6 feet tall with brown, short and curly hair. He has a medium build and believed to be wearing a blue t-shit, blue Patagonia hiking shorts, carrying a white/silver Mamut daypack, size 10 La Sportiva boots with Vibram soles, and possibly wearing gators. If you are or were hiking in the Ole Creek or Park Creek drainages and have any information, please call 406-888-5800 or 406-888-7800. (dr)

If you were in the area, or have any information, call now.

For the rest of us in outdoor community, we can help by re-tweeting. I’ve done it already.

That’s the power of social media put to good use. Someone, somewhere might have seen Jake along the way and be able to help focus the search area. They may not read the local newspaper, listen to local news reports, but chances are they are connected via Twitter or Facebook. Social media weaves into cracks and crevices that traditional media doesn’t. It’s immediate and rapid. And it can help in search and rescue.

Just my personal thoughts – along with best wishes to all involved in the search. (mk)

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