Summer Snow

Skiers are jumping for joy; hikers are groaning. Yes, it’s true. September is barely on board and we get our first dump of snow in the mountains. It’s a bit of a cruel joke – one day shorts and t-shirts, the next pants and warm coats.

Snow sticks to north-facing slopes, even in the summer! (Photo: Megan Kopp)

Sure, the sun still packs enough heat to melt away Ma Nature’s sucker punch quickly, but the die is cast. We know that summer is on its way out.

Soon still-green leaves will stop producing chlorophyll and the yellows, reds and oranges hidden beneath will have their moment in the sun before falling gracefully to the ground.

The birds, already flocking and feeding for their big migrations, will soon take flight and frozen ground will crunch beneath… whoa, wait a minute. We’re not there yet!

According to the calendar we’ve still got more than two weeks of summer left. Pack warm layers for cooler mornings and get going.

4 great things about late summer hiking:

  1. School’s back in and mid-week the backcountry is deserted.
  2. You don’t need to book ahead to reserve established backcountry campgrounds.
  3. The bugs have packed it in for the season.
  4. The berries are ripe… and the bears are fat and happy (even so, don’t tempt them with a stash of food left unattended).

Did you know?
The last day of summer – Sept 23rd this year – is the autumn equinox, where the length of day and night is almost equal. That means 12 hours of daylight for your favourite outdoor activity!

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