‘Impenetrable’ Down-Insulated Jacket

Brooks Range Mountaineering Equipment, introduces a water-resistant down technology in a puffy parka stuffed with feathers.

Goose and duck down is a great insulator, but it flattens and loses all its heat-keeping juju when wet. The new jacket from Brooks Range, called the Mojave, is advertised as the “first jacket to use the water-resistant down technology” of this type.

The company calls the magic stuff DownTec, which is a treatment that makes the down “impenetrable” to moisture, the company says. It explains that a “micro-thin nano polymer” is applied to the down to make it water repellent.

Puffiness comes from light and airy 800-fill down. The Majoave jacket has a shell of thin Pertex Quantum, a fabric we at GearJunkie have tested and love for its ultra-thin but durable nature. The jacket, debuting at the Outdoor Retailer trade show this week, will ship to stores in mid-2012 for $299.

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