Brooks-Range Foray Tent is Officially Men’s Journal Approved

Brroks-Range Foray TentTo those who don’t know, receiving the “MJ Approved” stamp for the Brooks-Range Foray Tent is quite an honor. Let’s just say it’s the equivalent of an Academy Award but for outdoor gear.

The editors at Men’s Journal conduct extensive research and product testing in their search for the highest quality, outdoor-oriented gear. Not to mention, they receive hundreds upon hundreds of products to review, which further attests to the legitimacy that the Brooks-Range Foray received MJ approval.

Brooks-Range Foray Tent without Rain CoverAs Men’s Journal editor Michael Easter writes, “[The Foray] left us scratching our heads as we tried to figure out what was wrong with it.” Translation: the editors weren’t able to find any cons while testing the tent on a backpacking excursion.

Brooks-Range Foray TentOther features Easter notes: at 3-pounds and 2-ounces the Foray can be stuffed into one of you pack’s main pockets instead of strapping it to the outside, set-up doesn’t cause headaches, and it’s extremely sturdy despite its light weight.

Overall, we are thrilled and honored to gain MJ Approval for the Foray Tent.

Read the Men’s Journal review here:

And, for more info on the tent, visit our site:

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