Your New Sleeping Bag: Brooks-Range Cloak

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Efficiency is a virtue in the backcountry. So is simplicity. Whether it’s hiking, camping or mountaineering, shaving weight, bulk and mass allow us to streamline our personal scene to keep us lighter, faster and better equipped to meet Mother Nature on her terms. With that school of thought, we have designed a sleeping tool that happens to be both efficient and simple. Enter the Cloak.


Because so many campers sleep warm, traditional bags are often too hot and make overnights muggy and uncomfortable. In return, they get a poor night’s sleep. For versed backcountry aficionados, the Cloak sleeping bag series is a smart alternative to camping traditionalism. With three temperature-rated quilts—45, 30 and 15 degrees—the Cloak is a zipperless down blanket that has multi-purpose applications for a myriad of camping needs and demands. Treated with DownTec™ weatherproofing, these 850+ fill goose quilts provide premier loft with maximum compressibility and minimal weight penalty.

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The Cloak features a foot box that accepts sleeping pads to slip snugly into its base so as not to slide off mid-sleep throughout the night. A heavier draft tub circumscribes the bag’s quilted body, and rests warmly over the body to help seal in the sleeper without the feeling of being overly tucked in. It’s just enough to mitigate your optimum body temperature throughout the night, so you sleep well. Restless sleepers take note: The Cloak allows you to writhe all night, poke and prod, and still provide a cozy covering for all-night slumber.

Why goose down? While the argument for duck down versus goose has merit for lower fill levels, when duck plumes get large enough for a high fill power, they becomes more brittle. Compared to goose, duck down also provides less in comfort and overall loft rebound after being compressed throughout the day. Goose down maintains its supple consistent loft that provides maximum warmth and comfort for repeated use over many days. For this reason, we exclusively use goose down in our products.

Cloak 45

Brooks-Range Cloak 45

Designed for a lighter weight option to a standard sleep bag, the Cloak quilts are not for a first time camper, but for someone who never zips up their bag because they are too warm. The Cloak series appeals to fastpackers, climbers, river rats, and scores of backcountry lovers who need a multi-use tool they can employ in several aspects of their day. Drape it around you at camp, sleep with it under the stars, or huddle beneath it during morning coffee before stowing it away for another adventure in the hills. Whatever your pursuits, the Cloak serves as an elegant, trusted and versatile backcountry refuge.

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