ICYMI: The Importance of Sunscreen

Remember a couple of blogs we published last year on sunscreen? Well, the issue is still important and recently, a video went viral that powerfully demonstrates the hidden effects of sun exposure (UV radiation) on the skin and how sunscreen can help mitigate this problem. While the video is a bit shocking, it will also, hopefully, encourage people to use sunscreen more effectively and more regularly. Skin cancer is more prevalent (almost 5 million cases per year) than breast, prostrate, lung, and colon cancers combined!

However, sunscreens, unlike people, are not created equally. There are critical differences in the chemicals used by sunscreen manufacturers to block or absorb UV radiation. The effectiveness and potential harmful side effects of these chemicals and the way that they are marketed and regulated are examined in these previously published blogs, which look at the problem of UV exposure and what to look for in sunscreen. We hope your skin stays safe while you get outside all summer and winter long. (And remember, wear a hat!)

Dr. Kevin

PhD, Brooks-Range Mountaineering Product Ambassador,

Assistant Professor Westfield State University

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