Mojave Down Jacket: The Total Package

While the bitter bite of winter is still months away, fall can bring its own sting. Although the warm autumn days exist, the setting sun brings dropping temps and the need for warmth on cold nights. Most us welcome the brisk wind at dusk when the light disappears below the horizon, and there’s no better companion in the changing weather than a trusted down jacket. Enter the Mojave, the sarcastic—yet accurate name—for Brooks-Range’s most robust goose down warrior.

Brooks Range Mojave Black

Weighing in at exactly one pound, the hooded 800+ fill Mojave can accommodate a helmet and has an athletic cut with longer arms for alpine pursuits such as ice and mix climbing. Plus, it features horizontal baffles that prevent balling and a sleek Pertex Quantum face fabric that is wind and downproof, while maintaining a high strength-to-weight ratio as well as high abrasion resistance. Simply put, the Mojave is a go-to safety blanket that is appropriate for any and all mountain enthusiasms.

Let’s begin with some science on fill levels. Down jackets with a high fill power can better resist compression forces, so they tend to loft higher and trap more air, making them warmer. As with down sleeping bags with a higher fill rating, down jackets need less insulation by weight to provide the same level of warmth. The jacket’s high 800+ fill rating is going to be very warm (why we named it after the Mojave Desert!) and very light, keeping you toasty in much colder temperatures.


The Mojave is an all rounder, built to withstand the rigors of winter camping, backcountry skiing and the mercurial mood swings of Mother Nature on those alpine climbing outings. Like their down sleeping bags, Brooks Range’s Mojave uses DownTek-treated goose down, a hydrophobic treatment that keeps moisture at bay and you drier, a potentially life saving action in the high peaks. Even during cold and wet storms, moisture can permeate into untreated down feathers from the outside in, or inside out during high output activities. When molecules of moisture encounter DownTek, the moisture is forced to collect into a sphere shape and roll off the down cluster rather than soaking into it. That sounds fancy, but it means that if the moisture can’t collect on the plumes of the down, you don’t sweat out the down during arduous ascents, nor do you loose loft from wetter weather.

Because the Mojave is featherweight, compressible and resilient to the whims of Old Man Winter, there’s never a reason not to bring it on any adventure—whether it’s in the mountains, on river trips, or the occasional car camping stint for late season desert cragging and mountain biking. It’s one less choice you’ll ever need to make.

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