A Life Serrated: Brooks-Range Pro Grade Scientist Line Snow Saws

The more time you spend traveling the snowy hills, the more time you’re going to spend it in the snow as well as touring on top of it. That’s because backcountry pros, glacier travelers, mountain guides and avalanche forecasters all share a common bond in the snow saw. After the holy trinity of backcountry rescue gear—beacon, shovel, probe—the next tool for gaining information from the snowpack is the esteemed snow saw. Light, efficient and invaluable in a snow pit, the snow saw is the quiet underdog that helps answer the deeper questions.

pyramid peak and maroon bells

Whether you consider yourself a snow scientist or merely a pit nerd, Brooks-Range has signature serrated tools down cold. The Scientist Saw line is everything an aspiring pit investigator wants, as well as what the venerable snow kook needs. With four saws in the series, we’re able to cater to any and every snow pit need.

All BR Scientist Saws are built from stainless steel for enhanced strength and durability in the field. For additional efficiency and pit tool management, they come with imperial and metric rulers etched on either side of the blade, along with snow crystal identification grids in 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm patterns for added ease of use and accuracy. Two ski straps can affix the saw to a shovel shaft or ski pole for a longer-reaching tool when isolating larger snow columns (like an Extended Column Test or Propagation Saw Test), cutting small cornices, or establishing an igloo quarry.

Scientist 35 Folding Snow Saw

The profile of Scientist snow saws feature a thin kerf on the teeth that leaves a smooth finish. What’s created is a professional work environment that aspirant and professional snow scientists alike can better observe the subtle signs and differences that tend to accompany snow pit studies.

Depending on the user’s needs, BR has built a straight 35cm saw, as well as a collapsible version that folds from 18 inches to 10 inches for maximizing compatibility. Newcomers will appreciate the ease of use when isolating columns for shovel shear tests and compression tests. There’s also a collapsible 70 cm saw for more ambitious workloads.

Scientist 100 Folding Snow Saw

Finally, Brooks-Range has partnered with the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) on developing the Scientist 100 Folding Snow Saw. Over a meter long when extended (44”), the 100 folds down to only 18” (45 cm) for maximum portability in the field. The extended saw was made in response to researchers and educators who needed a longer but efficient tool for more in depth tests and trials in the field. However much time you spend in the proverbial snow bank, Brooks-Range professional grade saws blend maximum efficiency with durable longevity.

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