A Climber’s Dispatch from the Eastern Sierra


By Charlie Barrett

After finalizing the new Tuolumne Bouldering Guidebook this past fall, I need a vacation from, well lots of things. So I decided to head up north to Bend, Oregon then out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a few months of snowboarding. It was nice to see some new places some familiar others not. It was a great trip and had some amazing days right great snow and seeing good friends. But somehow being in these amazing places, I missed home, the Eastside of the Sierra.unnamed-4


As I stayed in touch with my friends on the eastside the informed me there was no reason to head back, it was too hot too boulder in Bishop and there was very little snow on Mammoth Mountain and in the Sierra Range, but still I felt the need to head back. I’ve been back now for a few weeks and truly felt at home. I’ve been to new climbing areas, new hot springs and been on top of a few new mountains. It’s been so much fun being home. Even though it’s still too hot in Bishop and there is no snow on the mountain, somehow the eastside never ceases to amaze with how much it has to offer. The Tuolumne guidebook should be here soon and once it arrives I will go on the road again and hand deliver the books and meet and greet people who are interested in hearing about the new Tuolumne Bouldering. I’ve heard the books are delayed at the shipping port and there is no estimated date for delivery to my home in Mammoth, so until then I guess I’ll just have to find ways to keeps myself busy on the eastside, bummer.unnamed-2


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