Best of Both Worlds: Meet the New Brooks-Range Active Tees

For decades the argument of wool versus synthetic has ravaged the outdoor countryside. While many touted the significance of synthetic yarns, others lauded the au natural virtues of spun wool. And you didn’t cross the road. You were either with one of them. Or against.

Here at Brooks-Range we crossed the road—several times— and started blending wool and synthetics to create active tees that represent what both camps had to offer. Enter the Polartec® short and long sleeve wool tees.

Active Tee_Jackson

When synthetic athletic base layers came out decades ago, they wicked moisture away from the body and kept you dry. But that came with a caveat. While the fabric pulled sweat away from the skin, it left a stinky trail. Many guileless mountaineers used to put their base layers into the freezer after washing to kill any remaining microbial stench that’d made a home in the fibers of their favorite shirts. These efforts were futile, and only helped to sabotage attempts to woo a young lass while spraying about their outdoor conquests in the lumbering mountains outside their village.

Adding Merino into the mix changed all that. This is how it works. Wool naturally prevents the buildup of microbial particles in the yarn fabric. And with the new Polartec® Power Dry® Technology—they prevent sweat particulates from attaching to the fabric fibers—sweat has nowhere to go but evaporate into the ether. Together, they not only pull moisture away from the skin, they also dry more quickly, and stave off stench, all the while retaining some of the inherent heat retention. This means you’ll stay dry, and thus thermal regulated no matter how warm or cold your pursuits go.

Mens Active Wool short sleeve Womens long sleeve wool Mens long sleeve wool

That said, Brooks-Range’s attention to detail affects both the X and Y chromosome. We labored over making a universally functional and flattering cut for the Wool Tees: slim enough to layer, but savvy enough as a stand-alone piece. Built with flatlock stitching for next-to-skin softness, with gusseted arms for mobility, split shirt tail and rolled cuffs, BR’s Wool Tees balance all day performance, with stylish comfort—the best of both worlds.

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