The New Drift 20: A Roomier All-Round Sleeping Bag

We’ve come a long way since the hardman days of hemp ropes, homemade portaledges and hobnails. Yes, the hardmen and women still exist, but let’s be honest, we’ve moved past the self-imposed austerity of eating cat food with a piton. No matter. The thrill of self-discovery in the mountains is as true today as it was for Bonington, Terray and Cassin. Only now, we’ve got solid improvements in the gear we use to live out our dreams in the towering hills.


One such enhancement is the technologic wonder of nylon and down. For sleeping bags, they work in concert to create a light, warm and portable cocoon for backcountry overnights, through hiking, expeditions or even Forest Service-accessed car camping. Brooks-Range has long made smart, efficient and comfy sleeping bags, and the new Drift 20 is another advance into the future of outdoor living.

The Drift 20 SR sleeping bag is a versatile choice for adventurers that would like a little more room in their bag. 66 inches across the shoulders accommodates a larger frame or someone who simply squirms when they sleep. Sound familiar? And with 48 inches around the footbox, your feet aren’t fighting for limited real estate. Boasting 19oz of 850+ fill power DownTek® down will keep you toasty warm down to 20 degrees.

Drift red bag

DownTec™ treated goose down employs a hydrophobic nano treatment that keeps moisture at bay and you drier—much more than a creature comfort when you’re in the high peaks or a long ill-timed hike through the Pacific Northwest. Even during cold and wet storms, moisture can permeate into untreated down feathers from the outside in, or inside out during high output activities. When molecules of moisture encounter DownTek™, the moisture is forced to collect into a sphere shape and roll off the down cluster rather than soaking into it. That sounds fancy, but because the moisture can’t collect on the plumes of the down, you don’t sweat out the down during arduous ascents, nor do you loose loft from wetter weather.

When the sun is shining, or the temps climb into more mild numbers, the second zipper around the footbox allows the bag to fully unzip and lay flat, offering more opportunities for day naps, or simply airing out. The Halo Neck Collar traps all your body heat inside the bag while not allowing any cold air in that might disturb your night’s sleep. All Brooks-Range sleeping bags are created to keep you comfortable while sleeping, so you can be well rested for the next day’s adventure.

The Drift Series in Action:

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