#BrooksRangeMountaineering Adventures – May & June 2018

What Brooks Range Instagram Followers Are Up To

Our social media friends are busy doing awesome things and we want to share all the great pics and stories we’re seeing. We will be pulling mainly from the #BrooksRangeMountaineering hashtag, so if you’d like to be featured in a future article please include it on your post. Here are the top 10 coolest adventures we saw in May & June!


Hug Dansen Does Some Navigation Practice in Mount Rainier National Park in Washington USA and Enjoys the View at Silver Star Mountain


Carlos Buhler Pumps Some Adrenaline in the Canadian Rockies


Vincent Morin Climbs 20,000 Vertical Miles at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington USA

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Toute bonne chose à une fin! Dernière journée de voyage aujourd'hui! Et c'est avec plus de 20 000m d'ascension verticale dans les 11 derniers jours, un sommet tout les 48 heures et beaucoup d'heures de sommeil en moins que je reviens au bercail enchanté et satisfait de ce voyage. De ma famille et amis à la maison qui avez suivie ce voyage. À tout ces gens que nous avons rencontrés sur notre chemin et qui nous ont ramassés sur les bords de routes. À ceux assez fou pour nous suivres dans nos aventures d'alpinisme et qui n'ont pas hésité à dormir avec nous à la belle étoile sur les bords d'autoroutes. À ceux qui nous ont hébergés et offerts leur hospitalité. Je vous remercie! Je reviens à la maison pleins de souvenirs et de nouvelles amitiés. Aventurier pour la vie ✌️ Prochaine destination: Amérique du Sud #arcteryx #blackdiamondequipment #outdoorreasearch #marmot #mountaineering #discovertheworld #brooksrangemountaineeringadventure #brooksrangemountaineering #usa #canada @nomadic_piper @jesse_keca @ludo.ldoucet

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Daniel Lowery Settles in For the Night at Rock Mountain National Park in Colorado USA and Views a Stunning Blanket of Stars


Adam Parkison Reminisces About His Days in the Central African Republic and Brings Attention to African Parks Network Conservation Efforts

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Only in a virgin wilderness can you be able to thrash around through a dense rainforest making all kinds of noises, and then stop, and after 5 minutes of calling- have this rabbit-sized antelope, the blue duiker, appear out of thin air. • • • Despite its small size and secretive nature, duikers are some of the most vulnerable species threatened by the bush meat epidemic in Africa. The more lucrative poaching of rhino and elephant get all the attention in the press, but speaking in sheer loss of biodiversity, the bush meat crisis is perhaps the biggest danger to African wildlife. Even places like the Serengeti lose wildlife to the small and widespread use of snares and other traps by hungry locals. Before these poor communities will stop exploiting their animal neighbors as food, a value-incentive must be placed on the animals. This is why community-involved conservation is so vital. Local communities must see the profits of ecotourism in their area (I.e.- have full bellies) , otherwise , conservation efforts will fail. @africanparksnetwork is leading the way in this community based conservation model. • • • Bush duiker male photographed in the @chinko.project in the #centralafricanrepublic circa 2009. This animal was completely wild, and coaxed into camera range when my friend (an ex-ivory poacher) called it in by pressing down on his nose and giving a distress call similar to a cow's moo. He appeared like an elf in an enchanted forest • • • • #goatworthy #probar #themoderndayexplorer #nikontop #instagood10k #africansafari #african_portraits #livebravely #optoutside #expeditionunknown #exploretocreate #trailchat #neverstopexploring #patagoniatrailrunning #hokaoneone #brooksrangemountaineering #foryourmountain #folkgreen #africanwildlife

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Alberto Flores Backpacks in Lake Tahoe, California USA and Realizes He’s Losing Too Much Weight


Saneduel From South Korea Sets Up Camp With a Brooks Range Invasion Tent


Drew Litzinger Sharpens His Skills With Splitboard Guides International on the East Side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Nevada USA


Alaska Renegade Looks for Adventure in Our Namesake Mountains – Brooks Range Alaska

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Brooks Range, Alaska. #brooksrangemountaineering #alaska #backpack

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