Top 10 Most Popular Brooks Range Products – Summer 2018

The 10 Most Popular Brooks Range Products

What are the most popular Brooks Range products? The answers may surprise you. From camping and skiing equipment to mountaineering tools, these are the hottest products selling this summer at Brooks Range. Check them out! You can also use this compilation as a checklist for your adventure needs. If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned, give us a call!

No. 10

Compact Sharktooth Shovel

Were people interested in the Compact Sharktooth Shovel in anticipation of Winter?  Were they heading to a far away snowpack this time of year? Or maybe, they have found some great summer uses.

Eric Layton BC_2

No. 9

Brooks-Range T-Shirts and Beanies

With such a huge clothing sale, some people apparently chose to buy for the winter and some for the summer… and some did both.


No. 8

Ultralite Guide Tarp

Our 8’x10′ Ultralite Tarp is great for summer lightweight shelter or winter snow shelter.  This wasn’t the only tent to make the list this year.


No. 7

All-in-One Map Tool

Featured over ten years ago in Backpacker magazine, our pocket-sized map tool is just as useful, and apparently as popular, as it was back then.


No. 6

Tensioner Cord Set

You bought one of our amazing tents or tarps… What is the most common accessory to add to your order?  Our Tensioner Cord Set is the pick.


No. 5

Slope Meter

Whether you call it a Slope Meter or a Inclinometer, these types of products are what make Brooks Range so popular with snow scientists, and anyone wanting to learn more about the snowpack.


No. 4

Ultralite Mini Guide Tarp

The other tarp that made our list, the 9’x6.75′ version of our popular, and versatile, tarp series is the Ultralite Mini Guide Tarp.


No. 3

Field Book #311

Whether in rain or freezing snow, our field book helps you take the notes you need.  The great price made it an automatic buy for many explorer’s packs.


No. 2

Drift O Sleeping Bag

It’s light and streamlined to offer toasty warmth to 0 degrees.  What more can be said about our amazing Drift 0 Sleeping Bag?   Just that we love it and so do the people who buy it.


No. 1

Backcountry Ski Straps

People just love our Backcountry Ski Straps. Two of what are arguably the most useful lengths of rubber you will ever own, people find a use for one set, or twelve sets, of these every season.


What Will the Next Top Ten Products Be?


These were the Top 10 Brooks Range products that our customers loved this summer.  Next season?  Who knows!  Come back regularly and find out with us.

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