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Our Colorful Earth


You’re hiking along a path when you arrive at a point overlooking a valley that goes on for miles. You gasp in amazement; blue, pink and yellow flowers, like little specs of paint, lead up to an awe inspiring white capped mountain. Where are you? Likely, you’re in the Alps, or perhaps the Pacific Northwest. Isn’t it amazing though how we identify locations by color? Millions of details can be observed in nature and yet its the colors of our Earth that strike us and implant vivid memories.

From pink beaches to rainbow springs and green skies, here are just a few of the locations our colorful Earth has revealed. What colorful locations have you visited? Please share them with us in the comments section of this blog and/or our instagram account.


Pink Sand on Komodo Island, Indonesia

This famously unique beach has pink sand caused by microscopic animals called Foraminifera.


Colorful Spring in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming USA

Located at a volcano hot spot, Yellowstone National Park is filled with colorful hot springs, mudpots, and geysers.

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Happy 102nd Birthday National Park Service. The idea of a National Park first started in 1872 at Yellowstone. In 1916, Congress formed the NPS to manage and preserve these national treasures for all future generations. •••••• Thanks to Billy @billydekom for sharing the rainbow and no fly rules for drones in National Parks. ・・・ Did you know that the Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest spring in the United States (and 3rd largest in the WORLD)? 😱🌈 🤯 Visiting these places and keeping them intact is seriously as easy as just following the park rules. There’s one rule in particular that I see being broken all the time…and it’s that you cannot fly drones in national parks 🚫 This is not a drone shot, it’s taken from a flight over Yellowstone. I don’t even own a drone right now. But if I did, you can count on the fact that I would never fly it where it’s not permitted. Especially because doing so risks damage to these one-of-a-kind places. Like in 2014 when someone flew a drone into this spring. And it has never been recovered. 🌲 Such a shame right? That some people are willing to risk damaging these protected places all so they can take that picture home (or get that shot to slap up on their Instagram). 🤦‍♂️ I know you guys are different. You get how important it is to honor these wild places, for the plants & animals that call them home and for future generations who shouldn’t have to walk past a sign telling them what used to be there ⛰ So if you see someone breaking the rules (flying a drone, walking off trail, feeding an animal, defacing landmarks) I hope you’ll kindly remind them what they are. And if they not-so-kindly keep breaking the law, a quick call is all it takes to report them 😊✌️ . . . . . #yellowstonepledge #letskeepitwild #yellowstone #roam247 #yellowstonenps #thatswy #wyoming #sonyalpha #grandprismaticspring #bevisuallyinspired #aov #earthfocus #fantastic_earth #amongthewild #goneoutdoors #depthsofearth #eclectic_shotz #wildernessculture #earthofficial #wonderful_places #bbctravel #camp4pix #ourplanetdaily #discoverearth #goatworthy #takemoreadventures #yourshotphotographer —— #nationalparkgeek #nps102

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A Large Variety of Mini Shells, Indonesia

Shells abound on beaches but often not as rich in color and variety as on this beach in Indonesia.


Flowers in Mount Rainier Washington, USA

At first glance one might see wildflowers and snow capped mountains and think of the Swiss Alps, but nope, this is the Pacific Northwest.


Sunset in Finland

A striking blue and yellow sunset in Finland. The colors reflecting on the water really give this picture a unique depth and character.

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Tais jäädä tämän illan kuvaukset väliin, säät ei suosi tänään. Tässäpä muisto eilisillalta, pilvet olivat tosi upeet👌 Ihanaa iltaa rakkaat ystävät, ja oikein mukavaa uutta viikkoa kaikille!!💙🌤🎶 It wasn’t good weather to go photographing tonight, so that’s memory from yesterday😍Have a lovely evening dear friends and great new week everybody!!💙🌤 #sunset #sunset_kokemäenjoki #sunset_sunrise #sunset_today #sunset_globe #sunset_sunrise_photogroup #sunset_sunrise_aroundworld #ig_sunsets #ig_skylovers #ig_skyvibes #ig_worldphoto #igworld_global #ig_great_pics #world_bestsky #best_skyshots #bestpicturesgallery #river #riverkokemäki #kokemäenjoki #water #clouds #reflections #nature #photographylovers #finland_photolovers #finland4seasons #thebestoffinland #beautyofsuomi #lovelyigworld #visitingfinland

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Ocean Reefs in Maine USA

One fourth of all ocean life depends on reefs for food and shelter, and yet what we view as a basic need is so stunningly beautiful. Truly, full of life!


Aurora Borealis in Iceland

This famous phenomenon dazzles our eyes and mind even though the majority of us have only a vague idea of what causes it. Something about ions and solar wind etc…oh look at that color!

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26.09.2016 | Iceland

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Lavender Farms and Milky Way in Valensole, France

This stunning shot of the Milky Way Galaxy is unforgettable. Purple hues on Earth and in the sky provoke wonder and capture the heart.

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Loving all these colors in this composition, mixes so well yet stands out!😁 Photo by @felix_heisig so be sure to check out his page and leave some love!🌌 ▪ ▪ ▪ ⬇️Check out!⬇️ ✨@hoovisyo✨ • • • 📸Image credit & copyright: @felix_heisig 📸 ➡️Follow @nightskape for more!⬅️ ______________________________________________________________ #milkyway #milkywaychasers #stars #astrophotography #nightphotography #milkywaygalaxy #night #longexposure #milkywayhair #milkywaystars #galaxy #milkyways #milkywayphoto #nightsky #photography #milkywaycases #astronomy #milkywaycake #milkywaypics #milkywaychaser #canon #milkywaymonday #milkywayfarm #astrophoto #landscape #nikon #sky #nightscaper #goodvibes #amazing

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