#BrooksRangeMountaineering Adventures – July & August 2018


Our social media friends are doing some awesome things and we want to share all the great pics and stories we’re seeing. Every two months we pull from the hashtag #BrooksRangeMountaineering and feature top adventures through out the world, so if you’d like to be featured in a future article please include it on your post. Here are the top 10 coolest adventures we saw in July & August!

Tony Naciuk Enjoys Climbing in Canmore Alberta Canada Before Heading Back to Alaska

Amy Stops to Admire Kearsarge Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and Climbs in South Korea

Hug Dansen Was Making His Way Through Europe Over Summer, As Well As the Pacific Northwest

Adam Parkison Shows His Two Little Girls the Ropes in Montana

Carlos Buhler Teaches Dry Tooling in Bow Valley Provincial Park, Canadian Rockies

Joosep Tammemäe Goes to the Mountains For Clarity As Part of the #seiklushuntadventureteam

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