Will You Attend an Ice Festival This Year? 2018 – 2019 Ice Festivals

Will You Attend an Ice Festival This Year? Have you been to an ice festival? For many, it’s the highlight of their year. Every winter thousands flock to ice festivals around the world. The occasion is upbuilding for the climbing community, whether you’re an instructor, beginner, or intermediate/advanced climber. Ice clinics, mixed climbing sessions and […]

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How to Educate New Climbers

One of the biggest problems facing the climbing community today is the poor behavior of some climbers. Improper trail use, damaging rock faces, and crushing fragile vegetation can threaten climber access to outdoor climbing areas. Can education change behavior, ethics, and stewardship among climbers or are we doomed to a life of closed crags? Many […]

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ICYMI: The Importance of Sunscreen

Remember a couple of blogs we published last year on sunscreen? Well, the issue is still important and recently, a video went viral that powerfully demonstrates the hidden effects of sun exposure (UV radiation) on the skin and how sunscreen can help mitigate this problem. While the video is a bit shocking, it will also, hopefully, […]

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Do Energy Drinks Benefit Athletes?

Dr. Mel is my friend, colleague, an accomplished endurance athlete (road racer), and a respected researcher in sports nutrition. Recently, she has taken an interest in energy drinks and examining if they truly enhance sport performance in adventure athletes, as their marketing implies. Below is her latest research on this topic: Energy Drinks have become […]

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