Terror (VI WI6 M7 R/X A2 1,500m)

FA: Chris Wright and Scott Adamson, April 18-20, 20031 The Mooses Tooth*, East Face Alaska Range, AK After leaving a balmy spring in the Oregon desert, the first step out of the Anchorage airport reminded me that the far north hadn’t taken the equinox to heart just yet. Regardless, after only a couple days of […]

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Golden Eagle Migration

Plans to climb a peak this weekend? Be sure to look up, way up, once you reach the summit. The annual eagle migration is picking up steam and mountaintops offer a bird’s eye view of the big event. Pack a pair of binoculars and extra warm clothes and factor in a little extra time at […]

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Summer Snow

Skiers are jumping for joy; hikers are groaning. Yes, it’s true. September is barely on board and we get our first dump of snow in the mountains. It’s a bit of a cruel joke – one day shorts and t-shirts, the next pants and warm coats. Sure, the sun still packs enough heat to melt […]

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Social Media Another SAR Tool

“We need your help with RT. Please see our Facebook page for important information (dr)” – tweeted by Glacier National Park (@glaciernps) this a.m. The message: an overdue staff member. The Facebook entry goes on to say: “We need your help. Glacier National Park seasonal employee Jacob “Jake” Rigby is overdue from a hike he began […]

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