USA National Snowshoe Team

Hi everyone at Brooks-Range Mountaineering! I just returned home with a silver medal from the 2012 World Snowshoe Championships and want to write to you and say thank you! Thank you so much for your sponsorship of the 2011 USA National Snowshoe Team! It was great being able to represent the US wearing my Brooks-Range […]

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National Parks Week

A celebration of national parks kicked off on Saturday, marking a week of fee-free entry to more than 100 national parks across the country. National Parks Week is annual event. The focus for 2011 is “Healthy Parks, Healthy People” – “highlighting the connection between human and environmental health and the vital role American’s national parks play […]

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Avalanche Survival

A new study just released suggests that survival times for people buried in avalanches in Canada is significantly lower than those from Switzerland. One of the main reasons is the heavier snow, particularly in maritime-influenced regions. Although this study focused on data from Canada, the maritime influence on snowpacks in the North Shore Mountains above Vancouver […]

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Super Moon-light Ski

March 19th, 2011, the supermoon will rise in the night sky for all to witness. What’s a supermoon? In case you haven’t been following all the buzz about this phenomenom, the full moon will be just shy of 17,500 miles closer to Earth than its average distance. This means it will appear larger. According to […]

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Green Exercise is Good for You

When I say green exercise, I don’t mean a self-propelled treadmill or gym that uses natural cleaning products – I mean getting outside. A recent study found that “compared with exercising indoors, excercising in natural environments was associated with greater feelings of revitalisation, increased energy and positive engagement, together with decreases in tension, confusion, anger […]

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Dick Jackson heads home!!!

Dick Jackson, an experienced mountain guide and paraglider was injured while gliding off Mt. Sopris, Colorado on October 1st. He has been in the hospital recovering since then, but will be released today. His recovery isn’t complete, but at least now he can work on it from his home in Aspen. As the man who […]

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