A Tale of Two Shovels: Brooks Range Compact and Hauler Lines

If there is an eternal tool in backcountry travel, it’s the shovel. Skiers, mountaineers and backcountry guides share this common denominator as much as the freedom of the hills. Beyond the obvious role of avalanche rescue, where shovels are essential, they have myriad functionality in the backcountry, whether it’s snow pit studies, winter camping, glacier […]

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Resisting “Powder Fever”

Ski guides have the luxury of being expected to operate clinically.  Within the client / guide dynamic there is a clear leader and a clear objective.  There is also the understanding that there will be as big a margin of safety as is practical.  I have recently been out touring with lots of friends and […]

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One Last List for the Year

Christmas is a time for lists, right?  “Making a list; checking it twice…”  I don’t make Christmas lists anymore, but I sure make enough other lists throughout the year – places I want to go; mountains I want to climb; educational courses I seek; gear I need for trips. I truly hope that if you […]

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