The New Drift Sleeping Bag Line

As winter descends and temps begin to drop below freezing, it’s the perfect time to invest in a new sleeping bag for your 2015 adventures. Luckily, our latest line of sleeping bags will not only have you covered all winter long, but during the chilly spring months and into the cool nights of summer. The […]

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Dark Sky Preserves

Sky light, sky bright First star I see tonight Wish I may, wish I might Have this wish I wish tonight. There’s something magical about a starry night – and no better place to witness the full spectacle than out in the backcountry. Far from the neon glow of civilization, the richness of our solar […]

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Sleeping Bag Comfort

Daytime temperatures might have soared to 92 F along the Rio Grande on my recent escape to Big Bend National Park, but desert nights are notorious for clear, cool skies. Having a warm sleeping bag wasn’t an option when packing light for this trip. Winter or summer, desert or mountains, there are a variety of […]

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