The Versatility of the Stubai Tent

By Dorn Van Dommelen For years I’ve wanted to have a floorless tent for various Alaskan adventures: an easy-to-pitch shelter that could be thrown up during a downpour as a lunchtime sanctuary, or a winter cooking/sleeping shelter that could squeeze in a crowd in a pinch. So, last year I added a Brooks-Range Stubai tent […]

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Taking Care of Your Tent

The last of the golden light fades from distant peaks and as you go to open the tent door – the zipper jams. As darkness rapidly descends and you scramble to find the headlamp, you’re reminded that looking after your gear is a priority that is best done on a regular basis in the basement […]

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Tent Talk

I woke up in the middle of the night to something brushing my nose. Struggling to come to full consciousness, I realized it was the wall of our large, family-sized dome tent. The breeze that ruffled our hair before bedtime had turned into a full force gale at 2 a.m.. Our then two-year-old daughter slept […]

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Facts about Hypothermia

It was my first overnight canoe trip with a school group; I was 13 years old. Overcast skies turned to rain and then flurries. I fought to put on a rubberized rain jacket. I couldn’t find my hat. A headwind kicked the surface of the water in a white chop. It was all I could […]

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A Word about Wind Chill

It can be called chinook, foehn, or zonda. Winds that flow over mountains and onto the plains are usually strong, but warm and dry. In the middle of winter, however, if the temperature doesn’t rise dramatically, most winds are just called nasty. Although official temperatures may remain the same, wind chill becomes an issue. What […]

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