Before Blisters

Nothing can take a hiking trip downhill faster than a blistered heel… or toe… or… ball of your foot. Blisters suck. Once you get one on a trip, it’s there for the duration. The good news is that blisters don’t have to happen. How to Prevent Blisters Don’t plan a multi-day backpack trip and then […]

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Estimating Hiking Times

We were standing just off the parking lot, looking across the lake where we could see our destination. “It should only take about three hours,” my hiking partner announced. It ended up taking closer to five. Why? The rule of thumb (aka Naismith’s Rule) for coming up with approximate hiking times is 1 hour for […]

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Backcountry Gear

Backpack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, warm clothes, food, rope, crampons, harness, helmet,  chimney brush – there’s a whole list of items commonly carried into the backcountry, but who carries a chimney brush? I was lucky enough to sign on for a couple of volunteer days to join my trail crew girl for a trip […]

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Backpacking Games

Whether it’s bad weather, or the end of a long day on your feet, or bugs that force you into shelter, unwinding with a game may be the perfect way to spend the evening. But what games should you pack? Forget bulky board games, think cards, or better yet, dice. 10,000 It’s a deceptively simple […]

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Getting into the Backcountry

Let’s face it, some approaches are simply tedious. Whether a long and winding slog along an old roadbed, or a vista-impaired bushwack through thick dogpine forests, some backcountry access routes beg to be shortened. At times like this, a canoe or bicycle can be a backpacker’s best friend. I’m just back from a backcountry hut […]

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Alpine Wildflowers

The hills are alive – with the sight of wildflowers. A late start to summer means that alpine wildflowers are blooming their little… uh… hearts out. If you haven’t hiked to the alpine in the past week or so – what are you waiting for? These beauties won’t be around in another month. A few […]

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