Trail Etiquette

Have a great ski. Enjoy your day. Thanks! Simple words; simply polite. Even a smile or a nod goes a long way. It’s amazing how many people we pass on ski trails can’t be bothered with the pleasantries of trail etiquette; let alone be willing to move from two or three abreast to single file […]

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Cross-country Skiing

Although the temperature was hovering at 14 F (-10 C), wind chill had us bundling up with scarves and balaclavas – the perfect Christmas gift – as we prepped for a short New Year ski. When time is limited, we often slide down the valley for a shuffle on groomed cross-country ski trails. Skinny ski […]

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Winter Hiking

Snow and ice tend to slow down hiking in the winter months, but only just a little. Hiking tends to morph into other silent sports such as winter walking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. So what do you need to know and what gear should you have in order to enjoy “hiking” in the winter? Winter […]

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