Before Blisters

Nothing can take a hiking trip downhill faster than a blistered heel… or toe… or… ball of your foot. Blisters suck. Once you get one on a trip, it’s there for the duration. The good news is that blisters don’t have to happen. How to Prevent Blisters Don’t plan a multi-day backpack trip and then […]

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Hot Weather Hiking

The sun shines down, relentless. Sweat runs down your brow and drenches your back. Every footstep is an effort. Hiking in hot weather can sap your energy and cause serious health problems if you don’t take appropriate precautions. Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke One kills – the other just makes you miserable. Heat Exhaustion is […]

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Ten Basics for the Backcountry

I just finished reading an article about a 54-year-old mother of four from Pennsylvania who set a new women’s record for travel by foot on the Iditarod Trail. Her feat: 350 miles in six days, 23 hours, and 30 minutes. The story went to say that participants were required to carry enough gear with them […]

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Personal First Aid Kits

Nobody plans to have an accident, but everyone should plan to carry a personal first aid kit when hiking, backpacking or backcountry skiing– because you just never know what might happen. We were hiking in a remote canyon in Utah one spring and decided to explore a ruin set up on a narrow, 5-6 foot […]

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