Outdoor Adventures with Infants and Toddlers Part II: A Tantrum Over a Leaf, Now It’s a Party

Coaches routinely employ rousing speeches and inspirational stories to motivate their teams to play better. The same holds true with my friend Andrea Bertini, a coach for a university women’s basketball team and the co-author of this blog. Through the years she’s successfully coached and coaxed her teams to reach heights they never dreamt possible. […]

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Outdoor Adventures with Infants and Toddlers Part I: “You’re not going to take a stroller?”

Professors are a strange bunch. They live in an abstract world filled with ideas and hypotheses guided by theories and paradigms. They seem to be in a perpetual state of conducting research on their theories yet they seldom have the opportunity to test their theories in the “real world.” My good friends, Diana Schwartz, PhD […]

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Before Blisters

Nothing can take a hiking trip downhill faster than a blistered heel… or toe… or… ball of your foot. Blisters suck. Once you get one on a trip, it’s there for the duration. The good news is that blisters don’t have to happen. How to Prevent Blisters Don’t plan a multi-day backpack trip and then […]

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Estimating Hiking Times

We were standing just off the parking lot, looking across the lake where we could see our destination. “It should only take about three hours,” my hiking partner announced. It ended up taking closer to five. Why? The rule of thumb (aka Naismith’s Rule) for coming up with approximate hiking times is 1 hour for […]

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Backcountry Gear

Backpack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, warm clothes, food, rope, crampons, harness, helmet,  chimney brush – there’s a whole list of items commonly carried into the backcountry, but who carries a chimney brush? I was lucky enough to sign on for a couple of volunteer days to join my trail crew girl for a trip […]

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Using Gaiters

Short, tall, junior, unisex, nylon, Gore-Tex, insulated – gaiters come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. But they all do the same thing and that’s simply keep things off and out of your boots. Most people think of gaiters for winter outdoor activities, but they come in just as handy for keeping […]

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Finding Your Hiking Route

There are many ways to find your way in the backcountry. There are trails marked by signs with individual trails named and well-graveled routes that are easy to follow. Other trails have occasional markers along the trail that let hikers know they’re on the right path. Alpine areas may have cairns or poles or bright […]

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Moab’s Hidden Valley Trail

The folded salmon-coloured pamphlet is simply titled: Moab Area Hiking Trails.  On the front fold is a black-and-white line drawing of Corona Arch with a couple of hikers enjoying the scenic panorama.  I’ve picked up this pamphlet at the Moab Information Centre before, in fact hiked most of the trails listed inside – except for […]

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Outdoor Adventure Lunch Ideas

Skip a few miles from the car and you can forget packing a cooler to keep your lunch refreshingly cool – and edible!  What’s an outdoor adventurer to do? Start by packing a lunch that can take the heat – without the stove! Here are a few suggestions: Lunch #1 Crumbled ramen noodles (dry in […]

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