Golden Eagle Migration

Plans to climb a peak this weekend? Be sure to look up, way up, once you reach the summit. The annual eagle migration is picking up steam and mountaintops offer a bird’s eye view of the big event. Pack a pair of binoculars and extra warm clothes and factor in a little extra time at […]

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Caring for Alpine Lakes

Pristine alpine lakes – we take them for granted. But in the backcountry, lakes are popular destinations. These areas already have extreme weather conditions and short growing seasons, making them slow growing environments for plant life. It doesn’t take too many footsteps for shorelines to degrade and the water’s edge to become a muddy bog. […]

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Summer Snow

Skiers are jumping for joy; hikers are groaning. Yes, it’s true. September is barely on board and we get our first dump of snow in the mountains. It’s a bit of a cruel joke – one day shorts and t-shirts, the next pants and warm coats. Sure, the sun still packs enough heat to melt […]

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Clouds and Weather Forecasting

It’s a bunny. No, it’s a bird. Wait, now it’s a dragon. Cloud-watching while lazing on an ridgetop can be filled with child-like wonder, but knowing that cirrostratus clouds usually means warm weather and stratocumulus means a cold front is on its way can be a valuable outdoor skill. Cirrostratus? Stratocumulus? Obviously forecasting weather involves […]

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Picking the Perfect Tent Spot

Dogs barking, seals splashing, snakes nesting, kingfishers chattering – picking the perfect tent spot can be somewhat of  a wild adventure! We didn’t have much choice when it came to camping areas along coastal bluffs on a recent kayak trip. Beach landings were limited and reasonably flat areas with room for three tents even more so. […]

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Full Moon Trivia Quiz

Saturday, August 13th is a full moon – bad news for meteor watching, good news for moonlit walks in mountain meadows! If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you probably think you know the moon fairly well. Well enough to ace this mini moon quiz? 1. “Once in a blue moon” refers to: a) […]

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Perseid Meteor Showers

As the sun sets, the night sky takes over and stars begin to twinkle. But this week, there’s more than just the odd star or occasional constellation to view – the Perseids are peaking!  If you’re heading out backcountry camping this week, you’re going to be in the perfect place for this show. Set up […]

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Moab’s Hidden Valley Trail

The folded salmon-coloured pamphlet is simply titled: Moab Area Hiking Trails.  On the front fold is a black-and-white line drawing of Corona Arch with a couple of hikers enjoying the scenic panorama.  I’ve picked up this pamphlet at the Moab Information Centre before, in fact hiked most of the trails listed inside – except for […]

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