Outdoor Adventures with Infants and Toddlers Part II: A Tantrum Over a Leaf, Now It’s a Party

Coaches routinely employ rousing speeches and inspirational stories to motivate their teams to play better. The same holds true with my friend Andrea Bertini, a coach for a university women’s basketball team and the co-author of this blog. Through the years she’s successfully coached and coaxed her teams to reach heights they never dreamt possible. […]

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Outdoor Adventures with Infants and Toddlers Part I: “You’re not going to take a stroller?”

Professors are a strange bunch. They live in an abstract world filled with ideas and hypotheses guided by theories and paradigms. They seem to be in a perpetual state of conducting research on their theories yet they seldom have the opportunity to test their theories in the “real world.” My good friends, Diana Schwartz, PhD […]

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Golden Eagle Migration

Plans to climb a peak this weekend? Be sure to look up, way up, once you reach the summit. The annual eagle migration is picking up steam and mountaintops offer a bird’s eye view of the big event. Pack a pair of binoculars and extra warm clothes and factor in a little extra time at […]

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Before Blisters

Nothing can take a hiking trip downhill faster than a blistered heel… or toe… or… ball of your foot. Blisters suck. Once you get one on a trip, it’s there for the duration. The good news is that blisters don’t have to happen. How to Prevent Blisters Don’t plan a multi-day backpack trip and then […]

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Caring for Alpine Lakes

Pristine alpine lakes – we take them for granted. But in the backcountry, lakes are popular destinations. These areas already have extreme weather conditions and short growing seasons, making them slow growing environments for plant life. It doesn’t take too many footsteps for shorelines to degrade and the water’s edge to become a muddy bog. […]

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Summer Snow

Skiers are jumping for joy; hikers are groaning. Yes, it’s true. September is barely on board and we get our first dump of snow in the mountains. It’s a bit of a cruel joke – one day shorts and t-shirts, the next pants and warm coats. Sure, the sun still packs enough heat to melt […]

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Clouds and Weather Forecasting

It’s a bunny. No, it’s a bird. Wait, now it’s a dragon. Cloud-watching while lazing on an ridgetop can be filled with child-like wonder, but knowing that cirrostratus clouds usually means warm weather and stratocumulus means a cold front is on its way can be a valuable outdoor skill. Cirrostratus? Stratocumulus? Obviously forecasting weather involves […]

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Estimating Hiking Times

We were standing just off the parking lot, looking across the lake where we could see our destination. “It should only take about three hours,” my hiking partner announced. It ended up taking closer to five. Why? The rule of thumb (aka Naismith’s Rule) for coming up with approximate hiking times is 1 hour for […]

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